Lycos Logins And Java


I'm being badgered by my sister - whom I talked into buying a Mac-Mini (running OS 10.3, ample ram and browsing with safari)

She's having trouble logging in to Lycos Chat - Basically she gets to the login page and can progress no further. All attempts at contacting lycos support ended with a form e-mail saying to turn off pop-up blockers and ensure firewall access is enabled, it ought to then work.
All this has been done and still no joy. Essentially it behaves as if the Java applet cannot be run by the plug-in Java 1.4.2..

I know this forum's to generally discuss issues with OS X and I'm kinda sneaking in the side door with a safari issue or (even through the window if it turns out to be a Java problem).

But is/are there any members who've come across this problem before and resolved it?

Hoping I can keep my sister converted and...

all help greatly appreciated.


Curt Stone