Lynksuxs ~ A Cautionary Tale


It was not too long ago that I lost the network connection between my iBook and my home LAN, and it may be awhile before I look back to Lynksis for a router. The router mocked me, I swear it, because every computer on that network, a G3 iMac and Dell PC, could access it. There were no changed settings for the iBook's Network Preferences, and, no matter how I changed them, I would always get mixed results. To further add insult to injury, I managed to get a green light by entering the LAN addy and IP manually, but I still had NO access to the internet. I checked the cable, and it was fine. I fumed over this for a while until, one day, I did the unthinkable: I switched ports on the hub. It worked, and I felt like a fool. I talked to my friend about this, as we had the same model and year Linksys (~2002), and he had a similar problem; our models had a habit of decaying over time. So maybe I came on a little strong in the beginning; technology has improved, and I'm sure Linksys has too, but remember these important lessons: 1) ALWAYS research your router well before you buy it, and 2) ALWAYS try the most simple, inane solution FIRST-- it's probably the right one. :D