LyX, TextClass Error: Please help!!!


Hi Guys,

i want to write some product documentation and since I no more use word on my Mac, I thought it would be good to try some open source authoring tools which are based on DocBooks. I liked what I saw with LyX and decided to use it.

I downloaded Tex (2004 STABLE) which was about 182 MB. The i added LyX binary to my applications and ran the installer which they advice to run for every user once.

I get this error when I load a document in LyX (*.lyx).

Textclass error
The document uses a missing TeX class article. LyX will not be able to produce output.

I want to know:
1. How to fix this issue?
2. Can I live without fixing this issue?

I hope I will find support on this soon. Thank you everyone!
Please don't leave us in the dark. What did you do to fix the problem? I am having the same issue.