Mac 0s X And Hewlett Packard Printer Psc All-in-one 2355


I can't get through to anyone at Hewlett Packard. Here's the question:
I just bought a new hp 2355 all-in-one printer. I did everything the directions told me to do. I installed everything and then it told me that installation was complete. Next it began the "setup assistant". Here's where the trouble is, when it gets to the establishing connection part it says that device is not found. My iBook G4 is hooked up to the printer with a USB cable. I tried using a different USB cable, but it still can't find anything.
now, when i looked at the back of the instructions it said not to connect the printer to the computer through a keyboard--which i did--so i unistalled the program and went through every file to erase anything "hp". after dping so, i reinstalled the program and the same thing happened. Please help! i can't be on hold with p any longer.


I have been having similar problems with an older HP PSC 750. Discovered by chance that evrything is fine as long as I don't do anything with the printer while the laptop is connected to external power source. It happened on two G4s - an ibook and a powerbook, and during my investigation my powerebook crashed and will now longer work at all under battery power. I have just posted a question about it to the tech support [sorry guys, before I knew about this forum, I'm new here]

So try uninstalling your printer driver, then reinstalling but do it all on battery power. If that works, I don't know what the answer is long-term if you have to do any big print jobs, but at least it's a starting point.

PS Hewlett Packard's e-mail helpdesk is good, although takes a few days.