mac 3D videocards... WHAT IS THE BEST? for ligtwave, maya and so?

I would highly recommend ATI Technology's RADEON (AGP or PCI version) because it has 32MB of DDR-SDRAM and a hardware transform and lighting engine called the Charisma™ Engine. It should give you the performance you require.
the best that you can get if you have a 2X AGP Mac is the Radeon. The best you can get if you have a 4X AGP Mac is the GeForce 3. I use both with Lightwave 6.5, and they are both sufficient - much better than the 16MB Rage 128Pro.

I still wish that SOMEONE would make a high end card like 3DLabs Oxegyn for the Mac. Until someone does, the Mac market won't be taken seriously for 3D work.
This isn't all that relavent, but my GeForce 2mx with Quake 3 Arena looks *great*....

Much better than the 16 Rage Orion I had.

And I have seen over 100fps in some visualization plugins for iTunes in Mac OS X.... (yes, its more a measure of processor and operating system horse power...)
i ve got the ati radeon... was good but not excellent..........

the geforce 3 was a fast help 4 rendering 3d scenes?