mac 3D videocards... WHAT IS THE BEST? for ligtwave, maya and so?


I would highly recommend ATI Technology's RADEON (AGP or PCI version) because it has 32MB of DDR-SDRAM and a hardware transform and lighting engine called the Charisma™ Engine. It should give you the performance you require.


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the best that you can get if you have a 2X AGP Mac is the Radeon. The best you can get if you have a 4X AGP Mac is the GeForce 3. I use both with Lightwave 6.5, and they are both sufficient - much better than the 16MB Rage 128Pro.

I still wish that SOMEONE would make a high end card like 3DLabs Oxegyn for the Mac. Until someone does, the Mac market won't be taken seriously for 3D work.


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This isn't all that relavent, but my GeForce 2mx with Quake 3 Arena looks *great*....

Much better than the 16 Rage Orion I had.

And I have seen over 100fps in some visualization plugins for iTunes in Mac OS X.... (yes, its more a measure of processor and operating system horse power...)


i ve got the ati radeon... was good but not excellent..........

the geforce 3 was a fast help 4 rendering 3d scenes?