Mac 6500/250


I was trying to use and older computer I had to run some old software .... It gave me a message that finder could not find 2 files to show finder on the screen... I should hold down C and reboot using system software I tried to use OS10.2 and the screen went black and now I can't get any thing the video seem to have a major problem or the system ... Is there a way to test and fix the problem ? I have use 2 monitors that I know work. One the light goes from yellow to green and then back to yellow .... Which seem as if a signal goes out then is shut down .... Help me please



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That Mac can not run OS X. Do you know what OS was installed on it?

Try starting it up from a OS 9 (or System 7 or System 8) CD. Start up the computer, insert the CD and immediately hold down the C key.

You can also try using Norton Utilities. I believe version 4.5 or 5.0 will work on that machine.


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You need to reset the PRAM... start up holding down cmd-option-P-R and hold those keys until you hear the startup chime three times and then let go of them.

As has been noted, this system was not designed to run Mac OS X and trying to start the system from a Mac OS X disk is going to cause you issues (as you can already see).