MAC and PC in network


HampCake Studios
I have already installed samba in order to share the network between Macs and Pcs.
From Pc all is right, I can see the Mac in My Network Places.
But from Mac, I have to mount PC partition everytime I turn on the Mac.
Is there a way to make mac show the Pcs connected in network automatically?


My understanding was that Apple was still working on making Windows machines show up in the "Connect to server..." dialog box. As far as I know, you have to know the exact address to connect:


You might be able to make an alias of it after that to connect quicker. ??? Be carefull, though... the finder can hang for a *long* time if it doesn't connect properly.


Friendly local bovine
I've got a similar setup at college. I use samba for the server and Sharity for browsing. Works quite well, especially with the student licence. Might not be so convenient with the standard licence, but give it a go.