Mac Application Problems


I had to reinstall OSX 10.3 in the archive mode. For some reason when unplugged my computer from the wall, moved it and plugged it back in, it had gone back to OS 9.2. It seemed all my software, files and settings were gone.

I reinstalled OSX 10.3 in archive mode and they came back, but some of my applications don't work anymore. How do I get them running again? I've tried reinstalling them and it says install is successful, but clicking the icons does nothing.

Here are the details:
iMac G3 bought in 2003
the software that doesn't run anymore: Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, Safari and Quarkxpress.

What can I do to get my applications up and running again?

Repairing permissions probably solves that.

If your computer ever goes back to OS 9, you can use Startup Volume in OS 9 to select OS X instead of reinstalling...