Mac Can't Connect To PC


I have a Mac and a PC both connected to the internet via a D-Link wireless router DI-624.
The Mac is an eMac G4 1GB RAM, running OS 10.4.2 Combo Update. The PC is an HP Notebook Pentium 3, with 496 MB RAM, running Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2. I can ping either one from the other in both directions. I have made sure the workgroup name on both computers is the same - MSHOME.
From the PC I can access the eMac and all the shared files on it. I can also print from the PC to a Lexmark Z54 printer attached to the eMac. However, when I try to access the PC from the eMac, through Network>Mshome>[PCName], although the correct shared foders appear in the smb dialogue, I get the error message ‘The alias “[PCName]” could not be opened, because the original item cannot be found.” If I try connecting through the Connect To Server... menu item, I get similar error messages.
(By the way, I can also connect and move files between the two using the PC-Mac-Net Fileshare program, but it would be better to use the finder)
Any suggestions?
Are there any odd characters in the PC Name, such as punctuation marks?
Have you tried connecting through the Finder by the PC's IP address? You can go to Go --> connect to server and enter smb:// (substitusing, of course, your PC's IP address) and see if that connects.
No, there are no odd characters. Yes, I have tried connecting with IP, but also get an error message that way.
I have had no luck, and all sugestions so far have been fruitless.Instead, I am using PC-Mac-Net Fileshare program to move large files from PC to Mac. It transfers at over 3MB /sec and also corrects files names if necessary.