Mac Email to An Aol User


I am unable to send a plain text email (no attachments) to another mac user without it coming out at her end in garbled mime text. Is the fact that she uses aol the problem? And if that is in fact the source of the problem, does she just need to either update her aol version or change a setting? I am using osX 10.3.9 and I seem to be able to send to other aol email users who may or may not have mac so I have been rather stymied.
thanks for any help in advance.
AOL is definitely the problem. Are you sure the email you're sending is in "plain text" mode? While you have the piece of mail you're writing open, click the "Format" menu and choose "Make plain text." That usually works fine. If not, she probably needs to update her AOL app.

I think AOL still doesn't behave well with mime things, though....
Hope this helps.
Assuming your poor benighted AOL using friend is using the AOL software, suggest he/she verifies they have the very latest release for OS X. In my experience AOL never has been particularly compatible with the rest of the internet community (they often use semi-standard protocols) but the latest releases have been better.

Just remember: Friends don't let friends use AOL :D
What you are describing is definitely not the norm. Your post is the first that I have ever heard of anyone having troubing sending plain text to an AOL subscriber. There can be issues associated with receiving attachments from AOL, not sending and not plain text. As a test, I used Mail to send a plain text message from my primary account to my AOL account. I read the received message using AOL for MacOS X, AOL Communicator, and MacOS X Mail. In all three, it displayed perfectly. Blaming AOL for your problem may be easy and fun, but at the end of the day you still have your problem.