mac files to pc based mp3 player


i have an mp3 player that uses a sandisk flash memory card. the device formats the card internally to DOS_FAT_16. it is supposed to be compatible with mac os x. when i plug it into my usb the disk mounts and i can copy mp3 files to it but when i go to play them both forks of the mac file (even the invisible "._" fork) show up in the display. it stumbles on the invisible fork and i have to manually skip over the "._" file fork to get to the playable fork. i have seen methods described for accessing and discarding the "._" fork in osx but i can't get any of them to work. any suggestions? how about software, preferably freeware or shareware, that would make the files compatible?
I get the same on my W8001 Phone. You can not always delete them from the Phone either. Ill try the solutions from versiontracker, but why would you zip them on a mac and unzip on a PC?