Mac Freezes


Hello again, well I downloaded the carbonlib and now the printer is finally working. yippee. But, now everytime I try to use the scanning or copying feature the system freezes up. Can you tell me why, please. Thanks Darlene


Rosie Moderator
Staff member
First we need more information. What printer is it? ( I am assuming it is a multi function). Can I also assume you are running OS 9?

Have you rebuilt the desktop? At restart hold down the option and the Apple keys until you get a dialog box asking if you wish to rebuild the desktop. It may seem like you are holding down the keys forever, but you need to continue to hold them down as the extensions load at the bottom of your screen. The dialog box will come up shortly after.
Now release the keys and click on the Okay button in the dialog box. When that is done, give a test scan.