Mac G-5 , Aol And Linksys Problems


We have had our Wireless-G Cable Gateway modem/router/USB/4 port switch using Adelphia high-speed ethernet for about 2 years and have had no problems. We had 4 IBM computers running on it. The problem began when we brought home the new G-5 imac running Mac OS X version 10.4.2. When Safari is launched we are getting the interenet. When I try to run AOL application it will not connect. It gives the message that "unable to completely connect to AOL please try to re-install AOL or shut down the computer and re-start. I have re-installed AOL 4 different times to no avail.
Why am I unable to run the AOL application???? Also, when I go to
Safari and access AOL page if I try to run a news video using Quicktime, the computer will not run Quicktime. Please help, this is my husbands computer and he is lossing trust with MAC
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You are connected to the internet with wireless with a router. What applications from AOL are you trying to use?