Mac Help network problems


When i click on som links i Mac Help ( like Hardware compability in Late Breaking News) i get an error dialog: "There was a problem downloading files from the internet. Check your network settings and try again".

The network settings are ok, i can mail,surf, nfs and all other things without any problems.
I have a Linux box as a gateway to the net, could this be the problem ?

Most of the time i get a similar error in "Software update" , but that worked at least once.
I was having similar problems for a while, although right now it seems to be fine. I never had had the problem when it came to using the "Software Update" panel, though. Personally, I think logging out and back in seems to have fixed it. I certainly didn't fix it with a reboot...
Today both the help and update functions work.
I have done nothing to fix it, it justs work... weird , i'll try again tomorrow