mac internet connection sharing????


It has one built in, but without a 3rd party app, you have to get really techincal (ie. you have to use the command line). I would highly recommend the application "Brick House". It can be found at Not only does it support NAT (Network Adderess Translation - the connection sharing thing), it also gives you a pretty good firewall.

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but i am interested in finding out how to do this from the command line...if you could let me know, please do.
thanks again.


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if you want to learn to do it from the command line, open terminal and type man natd

Here is a snipit

natd - Network Address Translation Daemon

natd [-ldsmvu] [-dynamic] [-i inport] [-o outport] [-p port] [-a address]
[-n interface] [-f configfile]

natd [-log] [-deny_incoming] [-log_denied] [-use_sockets] [-same_ports]
[-verbose] [-log_facility facility_name] [-unregistered_only] [-dynamic]
[-inport inport] [-outport outport] [-port port] [-alias_address address]
[-interface interface] [-config configfile] [-redirect_port linkspec]
[-redirect_address localIP publicIP] [-reverse] [-proxy_only]
[-proxy_rule proxyspec] [-pptpalias localIP]

This program provides a Network Address Translation facility for use with
divert(4) sockets under FreeBSD. It is intended for use with NICs - if
you want to do NAT on a PPP link, use the -alias switch to ppp(8).

Natd normally runs in the background as a daemon. It is passed raw IP
packets as they travel into and out of the machine, and will possibly
change these before re-injecting them back into the IP packet stream.


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try gnat, which is a very easy configurable nat router software.
u can download it on the apple os x downloads page