Mac Internet Connection


Everytime I try to connect to the internet, Safari comes back with "you are not connected to the internet". I have checked with my ISP and they are not seeing a problem on their end and my modem is all lit up like it should be.

It is a cable connection and has been working fine up until a couple days ago. What could have happened and what can I try to fix it?

Thank you,

Are you getting your IP address from the ISP dynamically or do you have to manually configure it yourself? In any case, it sounds like you have a DNS problem. They should provide you with the DNS information to input into the Network settings in System Preferences. Ask them for the nameservers (which is usually two IP addresses for the two servers) and the domain name. This is needed for the web browser to be able to access a site using the fully-qualified domain name of the website (ex: instead of the actual IP address).