Mac-lotus Notes to Ical


Hi There,
I am just switching from PC to Mac and have been stumped by Lotus Notes. My work uses Lotus Notes and I need to sync to my Palm 515 or Pod. So far I have tried and successfully can use isync from ical for everything but am not able to either sync or export from lotus to ical. I did see lipsync product but have been warned that this doesn't work with tiger.
My mac is a powerbook with tiger running and the Lotus Notes version is 6.5.3.

Any help would be wonderful.

You're right. Both LipSync and Excursion seem to be having a lot of problems, according to VersionTracker.

It looks like LipSync's authors claim it to be tiger compatible, though a lot of user's comments state that this is simply not the case. Excursion's page seems to be out of action and many users are reporting that they are not responding to email. I sincerely hope we get an answer soon.