Mac Mail Exchange Server Accounts: Can't Go Online

Michael Sackin


Intermittent problem setting up Mac Mail Exchange accounts for users on the University campus where I work, where there is Exchange 2003.

All (?usually) starts off OK when the user's password is stored in the Account Information. When I remove the password from there, Mail then doesn't accept the password as typed in in response to the expected prompt. When the password is re-entered into the Account Information it has no apparent effect: there's still a prompt for a password, and the system rejects the supposedly correct password.

All this is happening on two different Macs, and I've tried setting up Exchange accounts for more than one person (one at a time). One of the Macs is on OS 10.4.2, the other on 10.3.4 (somebody hasn't been doing security upgrades!). Sometimes (not always) even deleting all accounts, rebooting the computer and then re-creating the account doesn't clear the problem. I've looked jolly hard to see if I've done something really stupid, e.g. a persistent typo in the account information, but I can't see it...

So, at the moment I'm completely stuck: I can't set up an account on either of these Macs which will allow any user to go online.

No problem at all with the Macintosh I use (iBook on OS 10.4.2), except that when I remove my password from the Account Information and type it in when prompted I also find that the password is not accepted. However, when I put the password back into the Account Information then I'm OK again. My Mac is in a different building from the other two - different part of the campus network.

By the way: reason for choosing an Exchange account rather than an IMAP account: in OS 10.4.2 it seems to be the only way round the bug in Mail whereby I get loads of messages of the form 'Unable to open "Biochemistry"' (I think these are public folders) - together with selecting "Don't keep copies of any messages" in the Advanced tab of the Account preferences.

Anyway, TIA!