Mac Mail Folders Not Updating From Icloud


Due to some problems with syncing etc, I recently deleted my iCloud account on my Mac, and re-installed it. Everything is now working nicely, except for Mail. The problem is as follows:

  • New mails arrive normally
  • The folder structure from iCloud is visible on my Mac, together with the little numbers that show how many unread mails are in each folder
  • However most (not all) of the folders are empty- no emails visible in them
  • All of the folders are still correctly populated if I view the iCloud account via a browser
  • I left the computer on for several days in case it was simply a matter of time, but this doesn't appear to have helped
  • Only about 5% of my mails are visible across my approx 100 folders
  • Total size of all mails (as shown on iCloud account) = about 10GB
  • I am on a fast connection- 10GB of data should move in a day or so

Question: how can I force iCloud to repopulate my mail folders, or force Mac Mail to re-import all the mails from the iCloud account?


El Capitan/Macbook Air


In Geostationary Orbit
They are there! Your Spotlight Index is messed up!

1. Close all running programs!

2. Open the Terminal App in /Applications/Utilities/

3. Copy the code:
sudo mdutil -E /

4. Let it run and keep Terminal open until it shows another prompt. It will take a little while though depending on the size of your hard drive

5. Open Mail again and see if this re-index helped, good luck.