Mac mail Imports

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How can I import emails and mail boxes from Ms outlook 2011 for mac in Mac mail?
I have around 5000 emails that are important and needed to be transferred immediately.
The system specifications are given and I hope to receive the solution asap.

Thank you.


This is a common problem and there are many solutions present for it.


Follow the steps and you will be able to import your mails easily outlook 2011
2. create a local folder
3. drag all your local emails to the folder we have created
4. then drag the local folder we have created to the lion's desktop (once it will finish, we'll have a .mbox file)
5. open mail
6. In Mail, choose File > Import Mailboxes -> choose .mbox file


You can use Exchange or IMAP accounts to have all the files on the
server, and then in Mail, but you would need significant storage space
there if you have a lot of e-mails.


You can use software approach to solve your problem.There are various softwares available online for this problem. One I know is Olm converter pro.
You can find it here: Convert mails (olm files) to Apple Mail

Thank you
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