mac mail problem using multiple accounts

Incubated Funk

Hi guys

I have a problem with mac mail when i want to use multiple accounts. Im setting things up in the fairly self explanitory way it seems to be set out and all 4 of the accounts set up can receive mail no problems at all.

However, when i select another account from the drop down menu of the new mail screen and type my email to send, the problems start. It tries to send my mail but then pause and then a box appears saying:

'Message delivery failed'
Sending the message content to the server failed

The server response was: Administrative prohibition.

Then it gives me the option of using other servers to which i get the same response from all.

If i choose to send the mail as the main account i use (ie account as oppose to the then it sends off straight away even though the server settings are set up in the same way.

Any ideas to why it wont send properly??

I have already managed to delete all the emails in my inbox amending the accounts so as you can imagine im pretty peed off and will stop at nothing to get it working.