Mac Mail/Safari Lock up


i am into my first and only problem with mac that i'm sure will have a simple fix. i was on the phone with tech services and they ran me through a bunch of things....disk repair and what not. no fix. all of a sudden my browser and email lock up. email will just show the little progress circle next to 'inbox' while it checks for new mail endlessly and the brower will be stuck halfway through loading a new page. HOWEVER, i can be listening to itunes radio at the same time so obviously my internet connection is still valid or i couldn't have streaming music right? i have also had it lock up WITHOUT itunes on as a test. any ideas? ultimately the whole machine locks me out and i get the spinning rainbow wheel thing and i have to restart.....4 times this morning. not good.


try to set a new user and see if it still happens, maybe there are some corrupt preferences files for your account...


It always helps if you specify what version of OS X, Mail, and Safari you are using. The recommended fix may be different for different versions. In this case I suggest getting the version of Cocktail or Onyx that is appropriate to your version of OS X and running the routines to delete the user, system, and internet caches.

Another trick that has helped some users is to go to the /Applications/Utilities/Java folder, run "Java 1.3.1 Plugin Settings" > Cache > Clear JAR cache. Then repeat that with the Java 1.4.2 Plugin Settings.