Mac Mail


mail has gone haywire. was working great. have to admit I've made some changes and added things.

1. have been using (httpmail.mailbundle) to retrieve hotmail through mail. has been working great for months.
2. Added three more accounts to be forwarded to mail from
ips server. Seemed as though that was working for a couple of days also.
3. Now nothing seems to work.
when I open mail, no viewer window opens.
when I get mail, it still receives mail in my original main account
but keeps telling me the mailbox is locked by me.
sometimes it says I'm using the wrong password at the ISP server. double and triple checked, OK
get mail gets frozen in >fetching mail<
have to force quit everytime, whether fetching mail or not,
just won't quit.
running G4 with panther 3.9

please help. Andy


Sounds like one or more of your new accounts have been incorrectly set up. Compare each carefully with settings that worked before.


Thanks CEMatt. will do just that. Thought I did. Does anyone know how you can
reload Mail without loading all of panter.