Mac Os 10.2 Mail Problems Mail 1.2.5 (v 553)


Hi! I am having a problem with my Mail 1.2.5 (v 553). When I send messages from this account, they appear in the sent box, but they never arrive at their destination. When I use the same account via a web based client there is no problem the message arrives at the appropriate destination. When I send from the mail program I do not receive any error message--if I did not know better it appears as though the message has been sent. I have a power book lap top that I use at home and at work. The connections are both wireless. I called tech support and a technician was able to get the email working for 1 day. He deleted the outgoing mail servers and reinput the information--along with rebooting the machine. The solution was mysterious and unfortunately transient. I was wondering if you have any clue about what might be going on here. The tech people at my end don't support the mail client and there solution is either the web mail or a program that runs on OS 9. I am not inclined to give up on mail since I have been using with no problems (until now) for 3 years. Thank you in advance!