Mac Os 10.4.2 - Hp7210 Won't Print Multiple Pages


I have a HP7210 OfficeJet All in One on a Belkin router network; Mac 12" Powerbook G4 with 512 RAM and OS 10.4.2. When printing a multiple page document (say like from Word or Filemaker) the print monitor says it it processing and printing each page, but only the last page printed comes out of the printer. All the earlier pages that the print monitor said were printed do not come out. Does anyone know what might be the problem? (Note... If I switch the Mac over to my Epson C86 printer, the job prints ok.) The other (Windows XP) machine on the network does not have this problem with the 7210.
same problem, but blank pages come out. I have to save as pdf and then print the PDF file from Preview
I had this problem, but following the steps listed and installing the newest drivers worked for me. Can't explain it.


  • HP All-in-One Products - Issues with printing or scanning using an All-in-One Printer with Mac OS X
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