Mac OS 9.2.1 and OS X Problems


Ever Since I upgraded to OS 9.2.1, My DVD player will not open. The Following error is attached. Help!!

In OSX however, the problem is much worse. No mater which version I use, (10.0.0, 10.0.3, or 10.0.4) I have a difficult time installing programs, I will install to just about any point, and I'll be kicked out to the login screen. This will happen a second time and then the login screen will not appear, and I have to restart. Yes... I did upgrade my firmware, so that isn't the problem. Please I'm Desperate.


In order to use your DVD player, you will need to start up from the Mac OS 9.2 system. DVD player is not supported as a Classic application. Apple has posted an article in their Knowledge base. Good news is you probably only have a couple more weeks to wait for an OS X native DVD player when Mac OS X 10.1 is released. If you can't wait, boot to Mac OS 9 and view your heart out.

For your install issue, The first thing I recommend, is starting up from the install CD and from the installer menu, choose disk utilities. Run Disk First Aid. If it finds a problem, repair it and run it again until no problems are found.

You weren't very specific with your install issues. I'm not sure if you are trying to re- install OS software or other software.

If you're trying to re-install Mac OS X or the updates and it won't let you, you'll have to remove the receipts.

Boot to your Mac OS 9 system. On the volume with Mac OS X installed, go to your Library/Receipts folder and place the 10.0.x Update.pkg folders in the trash. Empty the trash and the boot to the install CD and re-install Mac OS X and the subsequent updates.

If your having problems installing non-Mac OS software something else is going on. After running Disk First Aid , try the installer again. If it doesn't work, I suspect corrupt user preferences/privileges.

Create a new user. Make sure the new user has a different short user name and give that user administrative privileges. Try installing again.

Hope this helps!

Thank You for your assistance. However, I am a master Mac OS user and did not make the mistake of attempting to run DVD from OSX. I later called Apple and said that they couldn't help me because DVD 2.7 doesn't reconize OS 9.2.1 as being greater than OS 9.1.

As for the OSX installing problems. I have sent the computer into Apple and when it came back it worked for about a week. Then the install problems started again. And it does it for everything. Disk first aid won't allow me to repair the disk from any OS. I'm thinking of wiping and starting over.

I've had that happen countless times under OSX just running OSX apps. Have found tons of articles on people experiencing the problems, but no TIL on it or any resolution.
To clarify the thing about the DVD is that the libs for 2.7 are what cause the problem. So long as you don't install the DVD update under 9.1 you'll have no problems under 9.2.1. Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse this if you happen to update Apple DVD then the OS.

As for being kicked into the log in screen, it took me a while to track things back and consider these "as is" cause they worked for me.

The first reason is bad RAM. Though they say you can use "PC-100" or "PC-133", make sure you look at the RAM specs for your system before buying it. I had PC RAM that was ~supposed~ to be compatible and worked fine for Classic. However, OS X wasn't fooled and when I replaced the ram, it worked better.

Second on the list was bad sector's on the hard disk. This was actually the first one I solved. Even 1 bad sector at the front or end of your hard drive can trip up OS X (in HFS+, I don't know about UFS). After repairing the disk, OS X didn't trip up (except when it ran into timing errors because of the RAM).

The last thing that was playing silly buggers with X was X itself. I'm not sure how or what causes the kick back but so long as I install X from the 10.0.0 CD then use software update get the new updater, log out, then update to 10.0.4, nothing goes wrong and X works like a dream. Methinks this dates back to when you *HAD* to start up with extensions off in order to update, but since X doesn't carry the whole [shift] start -> Extensions Off, you're out of luck if you install anything.

I found something related in the Apple's knowledge base. Although the articles are written for PBG3 (Fire Wire) it may still be applicable, but I can't guarantee it. The articles dealt with audio CD playback, but it may still be related especially since this is such a new article. The article numbers are 88203 and 88205.

The solution is to turn off the SDAP Authoring Support extension. It's only needed if your burning CD's.

It's worth a shot at least.