Mac OS 9 problems after OS X install


After installing OS X, OS 9 does not work anymore. I started from OS 9 and it crashed at startup. I then restarted and checked the extentions manager but that crashed. My extentions manager keeps crashing and is useless now. The only way I can access the control panel is by holding down the space bar at startup. If anyone knows why this is happening i'd appreciate some help.
Peter P.
Startup with OS9, open Preferences ƒ inside System ƒ, look for Extension Manager Prefs and dump these except the locked ones in the Trash. Hopefully this will work.
I trashed the preferences already but it still crashes. I select OS 9 base and then select my settings again, and it crashes. It seems like OS X installed an extention in my extentions folder that crashes my machine if it is moved out of the extentions folder. Does anyone know of something like this happening?
Peter P.
Since installing X, I've noticed that when running regular 9.0.4 I occasionally have problems getting the computer to reboot or shutdown.