Mac OS X 10.1: 5G64 or 5G68?!

What's true?

  • There is really a 5G68 and will become available later as an update from Apple.

  • 5G68? Bullshit! 5G64 is the only version of Mac OS X 10.1

  • The version you can buy is 5G68, the free version is 5G64 (!).

  • Steve Jobs is the only one who has 5G68.

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OK guys!

There is a discussion going on the Internet about which build Mac OS X 10.1 is: 5G64 or 5G68:rolleyes:

People say the version showed at Seybold was 5G68, but the build 'we all have' from Apple is 5G64?

Why is Apple doing something like this? Is this true?

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Of course Apple will update 10.1; but by definition MacOS 10.1 is 5G64, whether or not 5G68 was used at Seybold. Perhaps 10.1.1 will be 5G68, or maybe it will be 5H24; nobody knows.


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I agree with theed, this discussion is long dead. Im sure there is a 5G68 but it may not have made the time table for CD duplication who knows? Apple always has tricky stuff running over there if not finals for there own in house testing.


Yes, what everyone else has said.

This has been discussed to many times already, and since I have the official version of 10.1 in front of me, and it's build 5G64, I am of the feeling that 10.1 is 5G64, not 5G68. Who cares if that's what was shown at seybold, it's not what we have.

There will be a 10.1.1, it does not matter what the build number is.

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I'm pretty sure than in Steve Jobs' version of 5G68 the startup splash screen says,"eat this, bill" and then pretends to make a blue screen of death, only to return back to the bullet-proof environment that is Mac OS X 10.1:D