Mac OS X 10.1 Preview


mach-o mach-o man
has a preview of mac os x 10.1.0.

One thing I wonder is how accurate all this "...loaded in only 2 bounces" is. Jobs showed this off, too. But we don't know what computer he was using (it had a battery level meter and airport, or atleast it looked like it did).

Not to mention that applications may be bouncing at different speeds. Or maybe it takes 2 secconds for the first bounce to happen.

I'd like to see a more standard method of benchmarking. I see people all the time compare window scroll speeds and such. Obviously your graphics card can have a major impact here, accelerated or not.

10.1 looked great on stage, but how will it perform on lower-end G3 systems?

Any coments on 10.1 or how to design an operating system benchmark tool?

ps: post 100... have I made my dent in the universe yet?
the battery meter and airport menu controls will eventually work, the ones jobs demonstrated were hard coded to show there. The batter will always read 39% even if you have no battery at all. The build he was reported to be using was 5D25, so when that leaks i'm sure you'll hear exactly how well it works on some more realistic systems. has a new review on 5f7. This is apparently more recent than what Steve was using. The review mentions it as "Two steps forward, one step back." And I back it up. Read it here.
The latest build I've heard of is 5f26, or what the about box calls "(Macworld Preview)".

Waiting for a review (and a new mouse:)) of 5f26 and waiting even longer for Puma itself.