MAC OS X 10.3.9 Firmware without Classic?


Hello Everyone!

I am trying to find out info for the following. If anyone could assisst me with where to find the info or any information, it would be greatly appreciated.


Power Mac G4 400 mhz (1 processor)
512 mb ram
20 gb wd hard drive

When I had classic installed on a seperate partition for this drive, at times I would receive the infamous "grey screen of death" that asks you to reboot. I know it may have to possibly with firmware and that there is an update for this that runs in classic, but my question is as follows: if I re-install MAC OS X 10.3 with all updates without re-installing classic, is there a possibility that I still run into this problem? If so, is it to ensure all ubs/firewire responds correctly with the firmware?

Thanks in advance,