Mac OS X 10.4 has just 'gone american' on me...


Basically, all programs I use are recognising my spelling as incorrect, and then suggesting that the correct spelling is the US version. For example, harbour is incorrect according to Microsoft Word, and harbor is correct. *shudder* :p

I've checked the settings, all are set to British (talking about actual Operating System Preferences), but it still assumes that I am using a US dictionary.

Note, this happens with all programs that support a dictionary.

Word doesn't care about the system settings. Use Word's language settings.
But this is for various programs. Word was just an example. Safari says I'm wrong, as does Text Edit, even Adium.
So you have checked manually the spelling to be British English, (while writing, control click > spelling > spelling > select dictionary from menus) and it still occurs?
When I set manually that way the dictionary to use British English, and I type normally it corrects me on the funny way .. (ie I prefer localized to localised and so on). :-/
Hm. I just turn that off, since I know how to spell, usually, and then there are things like names/product names that the dict doesn't know, anyway, and the underlining gets on my nerves. ;)