Mac OS X 4k60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just recently installed Mac OS X 4k60 and its a HUGE improvment from 4k56. 4k56 was terrible slow and EXTREMLY bugy and 60 is just awsome fast and just GREAT....
well all the icons are new like any printer works but resizing windows is still kinda slow you classic starts faster and i got iTunes for X and its wicked cool but if you want to see a pic of it I'll have one soon at

Where is iTunes for X available? Or is the standard one actually Carbonized?

What is the app with the skull icon you are running?
I got iTunes off of hotline and that skull program is zombie its like hotline for X but not as good......
When I try to enable root access in NetInfo Manager I get a "NetInfo Error - NetInfo write failed! (Permission denied!)" Any ideas?
yeah I had the same problem you can do it using the command sudan I think or its something like that.
well type sudan then I think ttp1/csch/ or something like that then type root passwd and I think you change it it worked for me