Mac Os X And Airport Extreme



I am a Mac OS X, v. 10.4.2, user and am having difficulty with my AirPort. All of the equipment that I am using has been acquired within the last month, and the software is up-to-date.

At times I am unable to access the internet through the AirPort, while at times it works great. When I am unable to pick up the AirPort, I can usually pick up my neighbor's linksys and access the internet that way. I should also mention that when I get a "server not responding" message when attempting to access the internet through the AirPort, the signal appears to be strong in Internet Connect.

In addition, I purchased a new printer (HP 5500) and cannot get it to print from the AirPort. I went into the Set-Up Assistant, and I know that it recognizes the fact that the printer is hooked up to the AirPort, however, it refuses to print. (When the printer is connected directly to the USB port, it works fine.)

Any suggestions you can make would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,