Mac Os X And Clp 120


What do i need to do so that my my mac os X recognizes my clavinova (clp 120) so that i can play music into garageband?
I have midi cables... and it seems to see that they are connected.. but it doesn't recognize the clavinova as an input device. On another site i read that the clp 120 needs a USB driver. I can't seem to find one for the clavinova with the mac (only for windows) online. Do you know where i can find one?
This has nothing to do with software development or web scripting :). You should post in the correct forums (Hardware and peripherals).

The CLP-240M comes with Mac drivers and it looks like Yamaha doesn't make Mac drivers for the CLP-120. Perhaps the CLP-240M drivers could work? If not, it may be best to email Yamaha's customer support to find out the status of MIDI support for Mac OS X.
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