Mac OS X and databases



I have developed a multi-user-application with omnis studio (great program). The software works with Mac OS Classic and will be working with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Because my client wants to work with Macs I had to choose Oracle as back-end, because at that time this was the only database where there are drivers available (that works). But Oracle stops supporting this driver. Now I am looking for an alternative.

Does anyone know or have experience working with Mac OS X and database ???

cu Frank


Look at Virtuoso
It works with OS X, as well as Omnis.

Virtuoso is a full SQL92 RDBMS for OS X.
You can access via ODBC or JDBC, and it comes with the necessary drivers. The free copy available does not expire and has no limits in functionality, beyond capping concurrent accesss to 3 users.

It supports full SQL92 including triggers, stored procedures, fine grained replication and transactional support, as well as some legacy-free features like SOAP, realtime XML, virtual database capability, NNTP, WebDAV, etc.

More information is available at

Please let me know if I may be of assistance.

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