Mac OS: X and development tools


Hi , how is everybody doing im new to the board and to mac's in general ive been a long time pc user and a friend of mines told me that mac os x comes with development tools (unlike windows) and i wanted to know what kind fo development tools the os comes with and what can be done with them.
Mac OS X comes with a full set of dev tools for the os. You have your full JDK (javac, jdb, javadoc, etc). You have compilers for C, C++, and Objective-C. And you have some very good tools from apple, like ProjectBuilder and InterfaceBuilder. ProjectBuilder is an IDE for developing applications and tools, and InterfaceBuilder is a tool for created the interface for Cocoa applications (Java & Objective-C).

I hear tell that the Objective-C++ compiler is in the 10.1 tools as well, but since they haven't been released on ADC yet, I can't tell you.