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I knew Apple would start supporting more hardware or at least gain back hardware. but anyway, I have a PowerBook G3 Lombard and I can use my brightness, sound, and other Function key controls again but I noticed some other stuff. On the new iBooks and Ti's I was jealous about the Eject key. Heck it is even on the Pro Keyboards. But while attempting to set-up Speakable Items I hit F12 and it ejected my CD-ROM's tray. SWEET! That is so awesome now I have to try it on my Power Mac G4 Sawtooth. Thanks Apple that is so cool! Yeah, yeah I am probably the last to know this but oh well it is awesome to me! Though I was dissapointed that even though Apple gave me my graphics acceleration back with my outdated ATI Rage LT Pro but didn't include OpenGL drivers for it. So have fun and tell us all the new things you find in X.

P.S. I am starting to give feedback again on OS X like I did when I had the Beta.