Mac OS X feedback page is back.


I have already sent in some feature requests for the next version.

Now I have a question for everyone on this forum:

Should we ask Apple to "upgrade" the Finder to a Cocoa app?

I know that this would be a lot of work but it would be well worth it. Currently the Finder does not support the services menu or scroll wheels. Also the Finder is not fully multi threaded as is evident from the fact that it bogs down during some operations.

Related to this I have sent in a request that the Customize toolbar be a sheet.

Any other suggestions for the Finder. Is this asking too much?

Post your comments,
From what I understand, Moonlight, OS 9.2, is supposed to more seamlessly integrate with OS X as the Classic layer - I don't know about all-about Carbonization or Cocoaization (is that possible?) but I think they'll probably try to make them match a little better :)

But then again its sorta cool having Platinum back, if only for a little while *sniff* i'm getting all misty-eyed.
When I say that the finder is a Carbon app I'm talking about the Mac OS X finder.
I think that just about every app that comes preinstalled with Mac OS X should be Cocoa. I mean, it's their RAD API, so why don't they use(d) it? By the way: I know why: time.