Mac OS!?

Mr. Mysterious

Now I've been wondering, on March 24 (when the final version of Mac OS X is released) will Mac OS X come as part all new computers or will you have to buy it seperate? Cause from what I've read, it's only available to "purchase" March 24. I'm planning to buy an iMac DV+ at the beginning of April and I only have so much money, so can someone tell me what's going on here? Cause if it isn't included, pre-installed on the computer, odds are I'll buy Virtual PC 4 first...not that I don't like Mac OS X, it looks sooooo awesome, it's just...I really need virtual PC 4, and I what I need comes first. Any opinions?
Please refer to Job's speech RE: Mac OS X release.

OS X won't be put on machines as the STANDARD OS until July/August...
Well, that leaves a bunch of wiggle for him: they could offer it as a "BTO" option (either free or for a small fee), or they could leave you completely out in the cold. I know that when I got a G4 a month before OS9 came out, they had a special deal whereby I got an update for $20, which wasn't exactly a gift, but a lot less than retail--they might do that again, depending.