Mac OS X FTP Server Issues 10.3


I am having issues with default permissions. I want to have it set to let owners and gothers in each group full access to everything. Guests should have no access to anything. When I sing in via smart FTP on a PC it shows nothing. When I sign in via windows "my network places" (still FTP) it shows ugly broken shortcuts for the folder I don't have access to. I also want users to be able to CHMOD. Seems pretty basic.

I have had this same set up in linux workign before. Seems like it shouldnt be too difficult. However, I can't find OS X Server documentation anywhere. THe lame apple PDFs are not helpfull. They just explain the GUI. Anyway -- here is my config file:

class realusers real *
class anonusers anonymous *

limit realusers 50 Any /Library/FTPServer/Messages/limit.txt
limit anonusers 50 Any /Library/FTPServer/Messages/limit.txt

readme README* login
readme README* cwd=*

message /Library/FTPServer/Messages/welcome.txt login
message message.txt cwd=*

defrootdir /Library/FTPServer/FTPRoot
anonFTP no

sjis no

keepalive yes

passwd-check rfc822 warn

chmod no anonymous
delete no anonymous
overwrite no anonymous
rename no anonymous
umask no anonymous

upload /Library/FTPServer/FTPRoot /uploads yes ftp daemon 0777 nodirs
upload /Library/FTPServer/FTPRoot /uploads/mkdirs yes ftp daemon 0777 dirs 0777

compress yes all
tar yes all

log transfers anonymous,real inbound,outbound

shutdown /Library/FTPServer/Messages/shutdown.txt

anonymous-root /Library/FTPServer/FTPRoot
auth_level standard
log security real,anonymous
log commands real,anonymous
loginfails 1
chroot_type standard


Any help would be appreciated.