Mac OS X - G3 500 or G4 400?


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Hey guys! I have a Beige G3 333 that I want to upgrade, but I don't know which upgrade is best for me. I am running Mac OS X most of the time, and it's sluggish at times with the original G3 333.

What I want to know is which upgrade is better for me for running under Mac OS X, the G3 500 by Newer or the G4 400 by Met@box. I know that Mac OS X uses Alti Vec, so a G4 would be good. But is Alti Vec enable without software on my G3 with the Met@box upgrade? I went to their site and read about the upgrade.


* For Apple Beige G3, Blue G3, and PCI G4 (Yikes Logic Board).
* Compatible with MAC OS 8.5.1 and above.
* Compatible with MAC OS X.

* 400 MHz G4 Power PC processor.
* 1024 k level 2 Cache running at one half of the processor speed.
* Does not require software drivers; therefore, the joeCARD Z will not only function flawlessly with MAC OS 8.5.1 - 9.1 but also with OS X and Linux.

* The ability to take advantage of velocity engine (Alti Vec) enabled applications.
* The ability to adjust the system bus ratio.
* Award winning German engineering.
* 2 year warranty. 30 day money back no questions asked guarantee.
* Toll free, free technical support by the MetaboxUSA, Austin, Texas based support staff that is one of the most experienced in the industry.
* Each card backed by the the stability of a multi-million dollar, international corporation

When it states that it does not require software drivers, does that include software to enable Alti Vec, and L2 Cache?

If it can't enable Alti Vec without software, then where can I find the software that will enable it under Mac OS X, and will it work with the Met@box upgrade?

If I can't use the Alti Vec at all, then will the Newer G3 500 be a better upgrade? Though I am still wondering if the G4 400 with Alti Vec enable is any faster than the G3 500.

I know I sound confuse, and everything. But can anyone make heads or tails out of this, and help me out as to which upgrade I should get?

Thanks in advance guys! :)