Mac OS X Installation


I'm not able to install Mac OS X from a third-party CD-ROM. The CD refuse to boot from my Desktop Beige G3 (Rev.1), upgraded with a ZIF processor at 400 MHz, 224 MB RAM and 40 GB of hard-disk in total (a partition of 10 GB was allowed for Mac OS X) (The CD-ROM is a Yamaha 4416 CD-Writer SCSI Internal). I have replaced (and sold) my original Apple brand CD-ROM (IDE interface) by this SCSI device, allowing me to add a second IDE hard-drive.
I'm trying with command-C on startup; with command-control-option-delete also...nothing!
Zapping the PRAM don't work to!
The installation was so easy on my PowerBook G3 FireWire!
Someone have a suggestion?

You'll need to borrow an Apple CDROM drive from someone. Make sure you send Apple a bug report with the details about your CDROM.

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Someone have a suggestion?


Are you sure it is the CD ROM? A lot of beige G3 owners can't boot the OS X CD because of video driver problems. Does your screen just go blank when trying to boot OSX from the CD ROM?
My Rev B beige G3 just restarts when I hold 'c' on to boot up from the OSX CD, (after the 'Happy Mac' icon).

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to sort this out? I'd really like to have a play with OSX.