Mac OS X mail problem - multiple messages sent


Hi Folks,

Recently I bought my mom an iMac and set her up to use Mail on MacOS X. She was converted from Windoze.

Today she is reporting that mail is sending multiple copies of her messages out. She sent me a test message, and I received >20 copies of it. The message header all showed the same local client message ID but different SMTP ids, sometimes via different smtp servers at her ISP (which happens to be She states that when this happens, she seems to be in spinning-CD mode for quite a while. Perhaps it has to do with server time outs and Mail automatically re-trying when this happens?

Anyone seen a problem like this?




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As you mentioned... the SMTP server "" or such... and the could be having communication hick-ups ... where the SMTP server may not be sending the correct "message accepted" line and keeps trying over and over....

As a test... have her setup an iTools account and get a "Whatever" address and try sending mail via

I would try something like that first before pulling hair out over just to make sure......

I have seen a similar problem before... I trouble shooted and trouble shooted and found an issue with a server, it somehow was forcing ESMTP mode and had errors at times but it only sent out 1 or 2 extra copies... I've never seen it as bad as you mention :)


Found the answer to this on Apple's discussion board. Mail lets you configure the destination mailbox for sent mail. If you set it to "outbox", mail will get stuck in a loop where you mail your message, it gets saved to outbox and immediately re-queued for mailing, sent and saved again, over and over.

Turning the save outgoing mail off fixes the problem. Now I just need to talk mom through creating a "sent mail" box locally so she can
have mail saved to a safer location.

Thanks for the response.