Mac OS X on a clone?


I know the official party line from Apple is that Mac OSX will not run on a clone (Umax C500/200 in my case) with a G3 upgrade card, but I know their system "requirements" have been wrong in the past. Does anyone know if there are plans in the works to make OSX run on an upgrade card, is there a third-party solution, or has anyone had the guts to just try it and see if it works?
I tried it on a c600 upgraded with a MacTell 280/1MB G3 ZIF. It completely refused to boot from the CD. This machine also has an Apple 3600i, so I know it's not the CD ROM drive. It gets about as far as the happy mac and that's about it. The CD continues to spin for several minutes but the machine won't unfreeze. Under OS 9 it's rock solid. There may be a work around, but I haven't had time to try anything else. Maybe GM will work. Who knows?