MAC OS X on Intel platform!!!


I have always consitered a mac os port to intel archtecture a waste of apple's resources. The x86 arcetecture is showing its age, and from the sound of it, amd's chips spend most of thier resouces converting the x86 commands over to a more efficent risc type design.

If anyone here hasnt seen the G4 vs. K7 review over at, i highly suggest you do. The thing is pretty old, but it is a very good read. In short it says that the G4 is a small, elegent, and efficent design, and the K7 is a beast of a proc. that spends alot of resouces interperating x86 commands to a smaller, sleaker core.


poptart villain
x86 showing it's age!?

please... Apple is still using either PC66 or PC100 SDRAM, who knows what internel IDE, probably UltraDMA66, if that... yep, you guys beat the market to the SuperDrive... and... that's it.

If Apple wants to show me something, they need to be more adventurous of the hardware/bus implementations out there. Use HyperTransport. Use internal FireWire for the hard drives and CD-ROMS - just imagine that, and it would be easy to implement, and definitely would be the death of legacy IDE, and usher in some new business for hardware, as well as it would ideal for the "next generation" of hardware. Use DDR-RAM - PC2700 is around the corner... that's 333mhz for those that don't know.

They are still using G3's, with little optimizations - save the upcoming IBM models - with slow RAM (see above). can consider the above as a rant of somebody who would LOVE to get away from the x86 architecture, but not willing at the present state of things... :(