Mac OS X on my ibook


I installed OS X 10 retail with no problems on my ibook 300 with 320MB of RAM I did do the firmware upgrade and had no problems. I already had 9.1 one installed. I just installed OS X on top of it. It took a while for the cd to boot but once it did it loaded in about 20 minutes. It asked me some questions and that was it. I was up and running.

I was able to grab my mail after setup no problems. The internet works great very fast page displays they load almost instantly. I had no problems with IE 5.1 although I did download OMNI. Omni crashed on me upon start up but I just restarted and it's been fine since.

Quicktime 5 is greatly improved in OS X I could play movies at 2 times there regular size and they where still pretty clear. They look amazing at regular size.

The OS itself is a little slower than 9.1 in the finder area. The email and web browsing are way faster in OS X. Classic runs fine on my ibook even suitcase works well. Photoshop flies in classic. It's faster than it was in plain 9.1. I have a dual 500/G4 at work and a 9600/300 w/ a sonnet 500mhz G3 at home. So I don't need the ibook for printing or mission critical stuff but it does work just fine. I called Sonnet today and they said they'd have a fix for OS X on my 9600 with in a month. WHich I'm happy about.

Apple did a great job this OS in uncrashable. It looks amazing and even runs fairly well on my ibook 300 which is by no mean a speed demon. But they better work on the speed. I'm hoping by summer the OS X updates shoudl be a least 50% more responsive. If it isn't Apple is going to have problems. But like I said I think they will get it up in running by summer.

Adobe already stated that they are nit updating there programs to OS X until the next major upgrade to each adobe product. So lets hope we see X.5 adobe products soon.

I haven't heard Macromedia's schedule yet. I think there products should fly on OS X once they make them native.

I'm not going to say OS X is perfectly fine it is slower than 9.1 in the finder areas. It definitly needs some more optimization. But if Apple can get 9.1 to run faster inside OS X they should beable to get OS X to fly. I say this because even on my friends G3/450 OS X is a little clumsy.

Apple has an amazing opertunity with OS X. All those industrial strenght UNIX and LINUX programs can just be recompiled to run in OS X. If Apple makes speed and third part support number one issues from now until the end of the summer OS X could finally gain the Mac some serious market share. Speed is the only thing I see stopping them now. The software is coming as we speak performance is the number one issue. Driver support also and CD/DVD mastering but that's not a tech problem just a time issue with the release date.