Mac OS X Poll: What do you think of it?

What do you think of OS X?

  • OS X is perfect! I will scream if Apple changes the tiniest thing!

  • OS X is close to perfect. I just want some of those little OS 9 features.

  • OS X is definitely ready for prime-time, but it could stand some improvement.

  • It's OK. However, I think OS X is not superior to OS 9 overall, yet.

  • It's not that great. There are many missing features that made OS 9 good.

  • There are not many compelling reasons to upgrade.

  • I totally hate OS X! I don't even like pre-emptive multitasking or protected memory! I love my cra

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Unofficial Mac Genius
Just a little poll to see what you guys all think overall of OS X. I'm interested to see the opinions. :D

Feel free to post any comments here.
Aaaahhh I must sound like a broken record by now :eek:

* DVD for all macs (I know about the B&W G3 DVD player hack , it dont work for me, tried 3 times, and 2 were with teh help of others)

* SCSI support, icnlusive CD-R

* Greek!

* Some OS capabilities like spring loaded folders and pop up folders as well as skins

thats it ;)
Other than that I love it ;)