Mac Os X problems


Hi there,

I have a MacOS X instald on my iMac 333 mhz,
6 gig, 160 ram

and i have problems with the speed of MacOS X
everything is slow
( screen saver ) runs slow sliding pictures dont work :-( )

. but in mac os 9.1 my Mac runs like a speeding bullet !

How is this possible???
i cant customize the memory in macos X

does somebody have the same troubles??



A bit late to realize that! :p ;) :rolleyes:

Hey guys. Calm down. I dont want to explain you why "everything is so slow" cause it would take hours. But even on my Mac (specs below) OS X is slow. Get more RAM. 160 is not much!:eek:


Actually, i have 256 mb of ram, and the screensaver is still slow.
It just is really jumpy.
Could me having a CRT display make a difference??????