Mac OS X Question / Issues


First off, here are my system specs:
- Biege 266 Mhz G3 (Upgraded to 466 Mhz G3)
- 384 MB Ram
- Voodoo3 2000

My question is, will I be able to use the Voodoo3 2000 in Mac OS X? If not, at a later date possibly, if someone ports drivers for it? Also will it still work under Mac OS 9 (built into Mac OS X)?

Would I be better getting a ATI Raedon, because it will work with Mac OS X, and run faster? But I'm worried because my computer oringaly was a Beige 266 Mhz G3, the 33 Mhz PCI speed, and 66 Mhz Bus speed, will act as a serious bottlekneck, giving me little performance increase over my current Voodoo3 2000.

If anything has any info about this, or recomendations, I would be very grateful.

Thanks For Your Time,

- Ka-Tu []