Mac OS X running GIMP


I recently purchased Mac GIMP from for $20.00. The installation went smoothly until the optimization process, where it crashed. Rebooting and following the directions sure enough gave me access to the GIMP....SWEET! I am happy! I can play with my photos, screw around with drawings, etc...without using $600.00 Adobe Photoshop. The installer automatically installs X Windows, The GIMP, and documentation. I can say that for a die hard Mac user new to unix, and with a 56K internet connection, the $20.00 was well spent for a painless installation as opposed to downloading all those files and ATTEMPTING to install everything correctly with f@*%ing-up the system in the process.

Attached is my screenshot showing GIMP running in rootless mode. In order to use X Windows along side Aqua Windows, you type "startx -- -rootless" at the command prompt and Mac GIMP starts up. The default setting is for X Windows to run in its own environment, much like classic does, however, all you see is the X Windows interface if you double click on its icon. To switch back to the Aqua interface / environment, you type Option-Command-A. This TOO COOL. X Windows is a little snappier, actually, a lot snappier than Aqua's interface. Eh hem, Apple take note of this! - Make Quartz a user-selectable option. This is just like how it was running GIMP in LinuxPPC 2000, though a little slower in Mac OS X.

The picture you see being edited in the window is a picture I took in Lake Tahoe a few years back.

Blue & White 400MHz G3, 640MB RAM, 2930 Adaptec SCSI Card, 12.1GB UltraATA (Mac OS 9.1), 18GB UltraSCSI (Mac OS X 10.0.4, Build 4Q12), 100MB ZIP, LaCie SCSI CD-RW (6X-4X-16X), Rage 128 OEM video card, Hewlett Packard DeskJet 970Cxi printer with duplexer, Hewlett Packard 5300C ScanJet scanner.


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